What Microsoft End-User License Agreement (Eula) And Limitations Of Library Are

8.2 Software identified. The terms and conditions below apply only to (a) all software contained in BizTalk Server 2002 Developer Edition, identified as software that you can modify and/or redistribute, and (b) software identified as software that you can modify and/or redistribute in each component you jointly receive after October 1, 2001 [a) and (b)). Your license rights for the code in question depend on your (i) software (i) not integrating or associating any software identified in the code in question or a derivative version of it; (ii) no dissemination of software identified in relation to the code concerned or a derivative of it; and (iii) not with software identified for the development of a work derived from the relevant code.” “Identified software”: software that is authorized under conditions that create or implement direct or indirect obligations to Microsoft with respect to the relevant code or its derivative works, or (2) grants rights or immunities to third parties in connection with Microsoft`s intellectual property or ownership rights over the software concerned or its derivative work. The software identified, without restriction, includes any software that requires, as a condition for the use, modification and/or distribution of such software, that other software embedded, derived or distributed with that software be disclosed (A) or distributed as a source code; (B) are licensed for the production of derivative works; or (C) for free. 8.1 Distribution requirements. If you choose to redistribute the library`s sample code, microsoft Exchange examples, or OWA software (for the purposes of this section 8.1, along with software you have developed, as described in this CLA (an “application”), you cannot allow (a) the subsequent release of the library sample code by your end-users; (b) do not use Microsoft`s name, logo or trademarks to market your app; (c) Include a valid copyright statement on your app; (d) agree to compensate, compensate and defend Microsoft for claims or actions, including legal fees, arising from the use or dissemination of your application or as a result of the use or dissemination of your application; (e) “Copyright Microsoft Corporation” in all Microsoft Systems Journal (MSJ) or MSDN Magazine files that is used in your program (s); (f) meet, by other means, the conditions of this CLA; and (g) accept that Microsoft reserves all rights that are not expressly granted. Notwithstanding paragraph 8.1 (a) above, you can allow your distributors to redistribute the redistributive code to your end customers if your distributors distribute the redistributive code only in conjunction with and within the framework of your software product, and you and your distributors, who comply with all other EULA conditions.